Car dashcams

By choosing our dashboard cameras, you gain not only a sense of safety on the road but also access to solutions that provide additional support to the driver. Additionally, the design and discreet size of Xblitz car cameras do not interfere with driving.

Wideorejestrator Xblitz S3 Duo
Xblitz S3 Duo
Wideorejestrator Xblitz Everywhere
Xblitz Everywhere
Wideorejestrator Xblitz Black 4K
Xblitz Black 4k


Frequently Asked Questions

A car dashboard camera or – if you prefer – so-called driving journey recorder is an indispensable tool for every responsible driver. Every dashcam records the journey, and some models with a GPS module can even locate a specific section of the road on the map. A car camera will provide you with evidence in the event of a collision or any other road accident. The dashboard camera protects your car also when stationary – all thanks to a special parking mode. As soon as the device detects movement in the vicinity of a parked vehicle, e.g. caused by a moving object, it will immediately start recording. This will allow you to identify the cause of the event. A car dashcam is a product that will take care of your safety on the road and record everything that was not spotted by you.

Car dashboard cameras have several functions; these not only record the journey, but also provide you with additional functionalities. If your car does not have a rearview camera, it is worth investing in 2-in-1 equipment with a built-in rear-view camera (e.g. Xblitz S7 Duo) – it will make manoeuvring the vehicle easier. If you are a professional driver and you are involved in the transport of passengers, you should consider purchasing a dash camera that also records the interior of the vehicle (e.g. Xblitz Dual View). The parking mode also turns out to be an extremely functional feature. In the case of leaving the car in the parking lot, the built-in sensor detects an impact caused by, e.g. a crash – therefore camera will automatically start recording the event. Thanks to this, you will be able to identify the cause of the event.

Our store offers many models of video recorders: from basic to more advanced dash cams. It is impossible to say which one is the best – it all depends on the individual needs and preferences of the buyer. We encourage you to use our model comparison tool to choose your perfect product.

Yes, Xblitz car cameras also have night vision, which allows you to record the image also after dark.