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The excellent, futuristic design is just the beginning. A promise of cutting-edge technology in your car. Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone will floor you with its sophisticated solutions. Bluetooth version 4.2 – ensures super fast data transfer, higher than ever security level and ease of connection. 3 USB ports, including two double ones give you comfort of use that you'll surely appreciate. Forget about never being able to insert the USB stick right on the first try, turning it in your hand, irritated. Thanks to a double USB port, you will ALWAYS insert in properly on first try! And QuickCharge 3.0 allows you to charge your battery in record time. And then there's the FM tranmitter. Interested?

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Xblitz X300 PRO is a true masterpiece amongst Xblitz products aimed for professionals! This speakerphone with an FM transmitter is full to the brim with cutting-edge technology. The shockingly fast Quick Charge 3.0 allows you to charge a 2750mAh battery to 70% capacity in the record time of 30minutes. The device connects to your smartphone by using Bluetooth 4.2, which guarantees the highest quality of data transer. Enjoy the comfort of using the device's two double USB ports! With a normal USB port, you need to worry about which way you should instert the memory stick so that it will connect properly. With a dobule USB port, there is no such problem. Be in control of the situation and be sure that you will always do it right on your first try. Most importantly, X300 PRO has a state-of-the-art microphone, allowing you to comfortable talk when driving. But when you are not talking to anyone, you can listen to your favourite radio station thanks to the FM transmitter inside. All this, contained within a futuristic design. Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone will be a bow on top for every car cockpit. Find out yourself!


Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone has an FM transmitter. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can connect to the device and use it to send music directly to your car's radio set, as well as talk on your phone without the need to hold it in your hands. You can also put your music on a USB drive or a microSD memory card with up to 32GB of memory.


Xblitz X300 PRO supports QuickCharge 3.0 technology. Thanks to the use of that solution – you can charge your devices up to 4 times faster than when charging traditionally. Tests done by the Qualcomm company show that charging a battery with a capacity of 2750 mAh from 0 to over 70% takes only 30 minutes! Warning: For Quick Charge to work, you need a device and a cable supporting this technology as well.


Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone with FM transmitter was designed with a lot of thought put into every details. This small device holds as many as 3 USB ports, an AUX output and a microSD card slot.


A multifunctional knob is used to control volume, receive calls and switch music tracks.


Connect a pen drive or a media player and enjoy the music.


The simple display screen is easy to read and doesn't distract the driver.


A wide range of supported power supply voltages makes it possible to use this device in a truck, as well as in a car.


Listen to your favourite music directly from a memory card. The device supports memory cards with up to 32 GB of memory.

Xblitz X300 PRO supports FAT32 file system. We recommend formatting the memory cards used in the device to that format.


Double USB ports make connecting the power cable easier.


Speakerphone with an FM transmitter Xblitz X300 PRO is, most of all, a fantastic hands-free speakerphone set. A built-in microphone ensures that your voice is clearly heard by your conversation partner, while their voice is transmitted directly to the car's speakers through FM radio. Enjoy safe, hands-free phonecalls!


The display shows current voltage in the lighter socket.


Connect the design to your phone without using any cables.


Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone

Bluetooth version: 4.2
Frequency response: 76.0 Mhz – 108.0 Mhz
Range: up to 10 meters
Ports: 3x USB, 1x AUX output, memory card slot (up to 32GB)
Supported formats: Mp3, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA
Microphone: Built-in / HD
Charging: QC 3.0, 5V-2.4A, 5V 1A ports
Power supply: DC 12V-24V
FM transmission: 76-108 Mhz (up to 5m range)
Weight: 48g
Size: 96mm x 47mm x 35mm

The device supports FAT32 file system.

Formatting the memory card used with the device to this format is highly recommended!


Xblitz X300 PRO

Xblitz X300 PRO speakerphone with a transmitter, user's manual



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