Xblitz Q30 PRO is a car charger with a seat belt cutter and windshield breaker that can save you or people close to you from harm!
Solid, aluminium casing, a sharp blade and a hard windshield breaker will provide you with a feeling of safety.

The charger has two USB ports and supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology.

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Xblitz Q30 PRO car charger with emergency escape tools

Operating voltage: 12/24V
USB ports: 2 x QC 3.0 / 5V 2.4A, 5V 1A
Max power: 36W (2x18W)
Overload protection: YES
Overheating protection: YES
Overvoltage protetction: YES
Casing: Aluminium
Dimensions: 65x26x30,5mm
Weight: 49g
Package contents: Xblitz Q30 PRO x1, User's manual x1


Xblitz Q30 PRO car charger with emergency escape tools

Xblitz Q30 PRO x1, user's manual x1





Xblitz Q30 Pro is a car charger with emergency escape tools, that could save you or people you hold dear. Its solid, aluminium casing hides a seat belt cutter and a windshield breaker. Ensure the safety of your passangers with Xblitz Q30 Pro.


Xblitz Q30 Pro is a car charger, mounted in the vehicle's lighter socket. Using the device's two USB ports, you can charge or power two of your devices simultanously, such as your phone, tablet, dashboard camera or satnav. Thanks to the use of Quick Charge 3.0 technology, your mobile devices will be charged much faster than if you .

You can use the Xblitz Q30 Pro car charger in trucks as well. The device supports output voltage of 12V and 24V, making it usable in most vehicles. Therefore, no matter what sort of vehicle you drive, you can use Xblitz Q30 Pro for your safety and comfort.

Additionally, the Xblitz Q30 Pro car charger has a ring of LED lights around its USB ports, which makes them easier to find in the dark. It also makes it easier to find the charger in an emergency situation.


Thanks to a windshield breaker spike inside it, Xblitz Q30 pro will help you get out of your car in a dangerous situation. Additionally, you can use this feature to save an animal or a child stuck in a hot vehicle or, less dramatically, to retrieve your keys locked inside your car.

Xblitz Q30 Pro car charger also has a built-in seat belt cutter. Sometimes, untangling the victim of an accident from the seatbelts is more problematic than getting them out of the vehicle. The blade is always visible and installed at an angle, making it possible to cut through seat belts with one swift. However, there is no risk of accidentally hurting yourself with it. The blade is placed under an aluminium cover, making it impossible to accidentally injure yourself or anyone else when using Xblitz Q30 Pro.

The solid, aluminium casing ensures, that you won't damage the Xblitz Q30 Pro car chager when using its emergency escape tools. The device was designed so that using its safety-enhancing features won't damage the electronics, that make it possible to use it as a car charger. The charger's casing is shaped so that holding it in your hand is comfortable. Pulling Xblitz Q30 Pro from the car lighter socket is fast and easy as well, allowing you to react quickly in an emergency situation.


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