[Xblitz IP300]

Xblitz IP 300 wireless indoor IP camera with a 355° rotating head and Wi-Fi

The Xblitz IP 300 camera is a perfect tool for home security. The device lets you view live footage on a phone app. Additionally, email alerts let you take full control of any situation.
The two-way communication system installed in Xblitz IP 300 lets you use the camera as a baby monitor or to watch over the elderly.


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Bezprzewodowa kamera IP z WI-FI Xblitz IP300


Xblitz IP 300 is a handy, small IP camera that lets you protect an area with the use of a mobile app, no matter how far away you are from the site. The stylish, tasteful design of the device makes it a perfect fit for any office, apartment, warehouse or garage.


With the Xblitz IP 300 camera you can watch over seniors without risking health - theirs or yours. The device is a perfect choice, both for taking care of people at home and in a hospital.


Quality of the image transmitted to the app on your phone or computer makes it easy to recognize people and changes that happened in the rooms you want to keep a close eye on. The surveilence recordings can be saved both on a memory card and any device that uses the app. The recordings are compressed by the new H.265 codec.


With the app, you can keep keep an eye on every spot in which you installed a camera. The app works on PCs and smartphones. Setting up Xblitz IP 300 is incredibly easy. Just follow the instructions do download a dedicated app, register a user account and pair the device by scanning the QR code.


Xblitz IP 300 has a very wide field of view thanks to its rotating head. It can move horizontally in the range of 355° and has a vertical movement range of 90°.The camera allows you to watch over a large area, no matter where you install it as long as nothing obstructs its view.


Xblitz IP 300 allows you to set up an alarm that will turn on when the camera detects a human figure or motion. The alarm signal sounds from the speaker built into the device. The camera can also immediately inform its owned about the alarm using push notifications or e-mail.


Night mode makes it possible to watch over rooms even in complete darkness. camera has a The Xblitz IP 300 built-in light sensor that automatically turns on additional IR lighting when it gets dark. The IR LEDs are hidden on the front panel of the device.


The multifunctional XBLITZ IP 300 camera can be used in many dierent ways and situations. It’s a perfect wireless baby monitor, but it can also help you take care of the elderly, watch over oce space, your employees, storage space, garage or animals


Xblitz IP 300 is a perfect video monitor. You can make sure your child sleeps soundly as you sit in another room.The camera has a night mode, which lets you watch over your child even when the lights are o. The image will be clear and bright.


Kamera Xblitz IP300

Resolution: 1080P(1920x1080), 720P (1280x720)
Sensor: 1/2.9 SC 2232H
Leans: 3.6 mm
Additional lightning: Wbudowany filtr IR
Night mode: do 10m (IR ON 0 LUX)
Rotation rage: Poziom: 355° / Pion: 90°
TF card support: Max 128 GB
Codec: H.265
FPS: 25 fps
Alert function: TAK / Detekcja ruchu
Two-way communication:
TAK / Wbudowany mikrofon i głośnik
Network: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Mobile app: Tak
Power supply:: 5V-1A
Operating temperatu: -10~50 °C
Dimensions 100x81x73mm
Weight: 185g
Contents: Xblitz IP 300 camera, power supply, USB cable, user’s manual


Xblitz IP 300 camera, power supply, USB cable, user’s manual




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