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Xblitz G150 is a magnetic car phone mount that will fit inside any car. It is mounted on the car's ventilation grill with a special clip, which allows the device to fit most air vents. Xblitz G150 keeps your phone in place using magnets. Metal plates are included in the set, one of which should be put inside or on your phone’s case before attaching the device to the mount. The power of the magnets will keep your smartphone in place even when you ride on uneven roads. Thanks to the fact that your phone is not held by any plastic parts, you can rotate it freely. This is very useful if your phone serves you, for example, as a satellite navigation device.

Xblitz G150 magnetic car phone mount is made out of high quality, stylish plastics and has a metal finish. Thanks to a special rubber protection, the mount does not scratch against the air vent grill of your car.

Xblitz G150 is the perfect solution for anyone who doesn't have a phone holder in their car. Thanks to the ergonomic design and magnets used, this device can be installed in any car and hold any smartphone.


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