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Xblitz Aero PRO multifunctional mobile fan

Feel the nice, refreshing wind even on the hottest of days, thanks to the Xblitz Aero PRO multifunctional fan!
This sophisticated fan is much more than a traditional way of cooling yourself down. Xblitz Aero PRO is wireless and can work for even 28 hours thanks to its built-in battery. Solid telescopic arm, rotating fan head and 4 different fan speeds let you adjust the atmosphere in your room to your preferences.

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Xblitz Areo Pro multifunctional mobile fan


Xblitz Aero Pro is a multifunctional fan that you can take anywhere you want with you. The device is lightweight and handy, so it can accompany you on any trip. To charge the fan, simply plug it into a power outlet using a USB-C cable and an adapter.


You can fold Xblitz Aero Pro and easily move it to a spot that needs cooling. With the telescopic arm of the device, you can put it both in the corner of the room and on your desk. You can adjust the angle of the device’s arm and fan to your needs.


In your office, apartment or tent - Xblitz Aero Pro can bring you a breath of fresh air anywhere! The fan has a built-in battery that doesn't need a power outlet to let you enjoy a cool breeze.


The Xblitz Aero Pro portable fan works very quietly so you can use it even when you're asleep. With a special time programming feature, you can set the period after which the fan will automatically turn off. If you need a night light, place the fan next to your bed — the illuminated base of the device will fit that role perfectly!


Xblitz Aero Pro has as many as four modes of operation. The fan can bring you a gentle breeze, a cool squall, a strong gust or a natural, changing wind. Adjust the speed of the fan blades to your needs.


Included with the portable Xblitz Aero Pro fan is a remote control. Sit comfortably in place and enjoy full control over the various functions of the device.


Thanks to the rotation of the Xblitz Aero Pro head during operation, this device can cool a much larger area than regular fans. One device is enough to cool down a whole room. However, if you want the fan to keep blowing in one direction, for example directly in your face when you're sitting at your desk, you can turn off the rotation with one press of a button.


Akumulator wbudowany w Xblitz Aero Pro pozwala Ci cieszyć się tym wentylatorem nawet przez 28 godzin non-stop! Nie musisz przejmować się rozładowaniem urządzenia lub brakiem gniazdka w Twoim pobliżu. Po prostu raduj się chłodnym orzeźwieniem.


The modern, elegant design of the Xblitz Aero Pro portable fan makes it ideal for any situation. At home or in the office, in a meeting or on a picnic, this fan will provide you with an escape from the heat wherever you find yourself in need of some cooling down.


Xblitz AERO freestanding fan

Main material: ABS plastic and alluminium alloy
Battery model: 18650 lithium battery, 3.7V 10800mAh
Dimensions when folded: 207x207x114mm
Dimensions when extended: 207x207x975mm
Weight: 1392g (with remote control)
Work time: 7~28 +/- 0.5 hours
Charging time: 6 +/- 0.5 hours
Noise levels: 32~38 +/- 3dB
Output power: 1.2~5.5W
Charging current: 2.1A
Napięcie ładowania: DC 5V
Fan speed: 2.53~4.0 +/- 0.3 m/s
Operating temperature: 5-50°C
Charging standard: USB-C
Package contents: Xblitz AERO, remote control, user's manual, USB-C cable


Xblitz Aero mobile fan

Xblitz AERO, remote control, user's manual, USB-C cable


Xblitz Aero standing fan






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