Record with the Xblitz Action 4K sports camera. The resolution of 3840 x 2160p will allow you to see every detail, and 120 fps at 720p will make you miss not a single thing!

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Do you want to record a movie when canoeing, parachute jumping, cycling down a steep hill or snowboarding? No matter what sport you do, what's important is that you want to record it! The image must be sharp and clear, so as not to lose any of the unique moments. There is no room for replays and corrections here. The recording must be perfect, and only 4k sports cameras will allow it.

4K resolution

The Xblitz Action 4K sports camera records a picture with a spectacular 4K resolution. You know what it means? Are you sure you have not heard about Full HD? Think of a 1920 x 1080p resolution, which has more than 2 million pixels per frame. Seems like a lot? Yes, it's quite a good result and in normal conditions it provides a satisfactory image quality. 4K sports cameras, such as the Xblitz Action 4K, support 3840 x 2160p resolution! With the same image size, it provides up to 4 times more pixels per frame, more than 8 MILLION! It's pure quality! Such a picture, even stretched four times - will be clear.

120 frames per second at 720p

There are moments in which the fluidity is more important than the sharpness of the image. As you know, every movie is just an illusion, it consists of static photos that are quickly replaced by the next ones. 120 frames per second means that the camera records as many as 120 different images in every single second of the movie. You probably were in the cinema at least once, do you know how many frames per second a movie has? Well, only 24. If this seems to you a satisfactory effect, imagine what smoothness you get at 120 fps!

Record in slow motion

As you already know, the Xblitz Action 4K sports camera can record a movie at 120 fps. With such a recording, you can slow it down 4 times to achieve the epic slow-motion effect, i.e. slow motion while maintaining the image fluidity of 30 fps!

This option is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to enjoy all the details of even the most dynamic scene. As you can see 4K sports cameras such as Xblitz Action 4K are an irreplaceable tool for every fast action and extreme sports enthusiast!

Waterproof housing

The Xblitz Action 4K sports camera comes with a waterproof case! Thanks to this clever solution, your sports camera becomes a surprisingly durable piece of equipment. The housing protects not only against a light drizzle, but also bravely faces a storm or flooding by a wave during pontoon rafting!

The housing design provides the sports camera with additional protection against mechanical damage, which will significantly increase the life of the device during less secure activities, which, after all, must be recorded as well!


Xblitz Action 4K sports camera

Sensor: SONY IMX179, 8MPX
Lens: 6G, F=2.0, f=2.8mm
View angle: 170 degrees
Video resolution: 4K @ 30fps / 1440p @ 30fps / 1080p @ 60fps / 720p @ 120fps/ 60fps/ 30fps
Frames per second: from 10 to 240
Data compression: MOV H.264
microSD memory card support: up to 128 GB of memory (speed class 10)
Display: 2.0″
Loop recording mode: Yes
Built-in microphone and speaker: Yes
micro USB port: Yes
micro HDMI video port: Yes
Digital zoom: 4x

The device supports FAT32 file system.
It is recommended to format the memory cards used in the device to this format!


Xblitz Move 4K

Camera + waterproof housing, 900 mAh battery (in camera), Waterproof housing spare glass lens cover, Bike holder, Charger, Spring clamp, J-Hook quick connector, X and Y connector screw (2 pcs), plastic mounting straps (4 pcs), USB cable, Microfiber cloth, Camera frame, Steel cable, Mounting tapes and velcro straps set, Long flexible vertical connector, Short rotating connector, Adhesive mounts


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