Thanks to the Xblitz Dual Core dashcam equipped with two cameras you will feel safer. Xblitz Dual Core is a combination of a front video monitor with a rearview camera that records everything that happens behind the car.

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Xblitz Dual Core dashboard camera

View angle: Front: 170, Rear: 120
Video resolution: Front: 1920x1080, rear: 720x480
Video format/compression: .MOV
Photos: YES, JPEG
CPU: Allwinner V3S
Sensor: OV2710
Lens: 4G
Display: LCD 3,0"
Automatic start: YES
Automatic file protection: YES
G-Sensor: YES
Parking mode: YES
Motion detection:
Loop recording: YES
Sound recording: YES
Built-in loudspeaker: YES
GPS module:
Memory card support: microSD memory card support, FAT32
Ports: mini USB 2.0
Rear camera: YES
Menu languages: PL,EN,DE,CZ
Charger: USB 5V, do 1.5 A


Xblitz Dual Core dashboard camera

Xblitz Dual Core dashcam, rear camera, rear camera cable, charger, memory card reader, user's manual


The maximum resolution of the video footage captured by the camera is FullHD (1920 x 1080p) at 30 frames per second. You can also record videos at lower resolutions, at the cost of less detail.

That's right. The camera has a built-in microphone and can record sound from inside the car at the same time as it records video. That option is turned on by default. You can turn it off in the device's menu.

The HDMI port allows you to watch the footage from the camera directly on your TV, by connecting the two devices with an HDMI cable.

The small battery inside of the camera is there to maintain memory settings of the device. It also allows the device to work for a short while after turning the engine off, making sure that the video file from your ride gets properly saved.

The dashcam supports memory cards with up to 64GB of memory. Due to the variety of memory cards, we recommend using IMRO brand memory cards (speed class 10).

Before use, you need to make sure that your memory card is formatted to FAT32. You can also use the formatting feature of the dashboard camera to do it.

A computer will not recognize the camera as a memory drive after connecting it directly. To transfer the videos, you need to use a microSD memory card reader.

Yes, the parking mode makes it so that the camera starts recording when it detects shock or impact. In parking mode, the camera uses built-in battery as a power supply (if possible, we recommend to connect the camera to the car's lighter socket for additional power supply).

Yes. The camera has an active "click" holder, allowing you to quickly disconnect and hide the camera without the need to worry about power supply cables.


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