Multifunctional, wireless video monitor with a remotely controlled camera. 


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You can always watch over your baby, no matter if it sleeps or plays. Xblitz See You baby monitor gives you full information on what your child's room looks and sounds like, as well as the temperature in it, instantly letting you know when you need to react.

Xblitz See You is a sophisticated baby monitor that will always help you protect your baby. When your child sleeps or otherwise rests, you can focus on other activities. Never before was it that simple.

Thanks to Xblitz See You you can safely move away from your child's bedroom without fear that something will happen when you're not watching - you can always watch over it. The portable monitor informs you about the temperature in the room with the camera, lets you play a lullaby from a playlist and even makes two-way voice communication possible when you're out of the room.

We took care of everything – baby monitor for your house.

Xblitz See You has a modern visual design, that will blend in with the rest of your child's room.


Full control over your child's room. Baby monitor Xblitz See You gives you real time video footage on the monitor's receiver.

All you need to do is put the camera in a place that lets you watch over your child and turn on the portable video monitor.

Both the camera and the video monitor have built-in batteries, letting you use the baby monitor anywhere without worrying about access to power sockets. Additionally, Xblitz See You set includes power adapters – both for the camera and the video monitor. Our baby monitor was designed in a way that makes it possible to use anywhere, anytime – even in the event of an unexpected blackout.

The device has a big, 3,5″ LCD screen which makes every detail from your child's room easily visible


Thanks to Xblitz See You you can keep an eye on your child in comfort, turning the camera at any angle. The camera head can be controlled remotely with the device's monitor, letting you watch over your baby while you're comfortably seated elsewhere.

Xblitz See You was designed with new mothers in mind, which is why you can easily move the camera head around to watch over the entire room. You can turn the camera head remotely, never losing sight of your child. Additionally, the camera has a universally appealing visual design that will fit into any room.


Xblitz See You has a two-way voice communication function. At all times, you can not only hear your child's voice, but also speak to it.
Xblitz See You baby monitor is a functional two-way voice transmitter, perfect for talking to your child even when it's a bit older. A parent's voice will calm the baby down and grab its attention before you reach its room.


When you leave your baby's room, Xblitz See You baby monitor gives you all the important information, including the temperature.
Video footage alone is not enough to tell how the baby feels, knowing the temperature is also important. Thanks to a
thermometer built into Xblitz See You, any mom will always know how warm it is in her baby's room.


Xblitz See You baby monitor

Frequency response: 2400 – 2480 MHz
Operating temperature: od 0 do 60°C
Operating air humidity: 20 % – 80%
Range in open space: up to 250 m
Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
Battery lifetime: do 1,5 h
Night mode range: 3 – 5 m
Volume control: 0 - 60 dBA
Frames per second: 25fps
Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Size: 98 mm x 89 mm x 85 mm
Weight: 205 g
Display: TFT 3,5″
Screen resolution: 320 x 240 px
Battery lifetime: up to 5 h
Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Size: 125.2 mm x 90.3 mm x 23.1 mm
Weight: 155 g

The maximum range specified in the specification above is applicable when the device is in open space with no obstacles or other range-limiting factors.

To calculate real range of the device, you need to consider the impact of items between the transmitter and the receiver:
Brick obstacles: range lowered by 10 to 40%
Wooden/plaster obstacle: range lowered by 5 to 20%
Reinforced concrete obstacle: range lowered by 40 to 80%
Metal obstacle: Range lowered by 90 to 100%
Glass obstacle: Range lowered by 10 to 20%

Additionally, the real range can be lowered by power lines present, as well as telephone transceiver stations in close proximity of the device.


Xblitz See You baby monitor


Xblitz See You baby monitor





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