Xblitz SPEED C1 bicycle computer

A bicycle computer is a perfect solution for any cyclist!

With Xblitz SPEED C1 bicycle computer, you will effortlessly check not only the speed with which you ride, but also the air temperature, amount of calories you have burnt and how long you have been exercising!

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Xblitz SPEED C1 – First bicycle computer by Xblitz

Xblitz Speed C1 gives you much more than a normal bicycle computer! The device has 20 functions, allowing you to have complex control over every aspect of your ride. Thanks to Xblitz Speed C1, you will effortlessly check your speed, how many kilometers you have travelled, current time, temperature or even how many calories you've burned during your ride.

A bicycle computer made for measure

It doesn’t matter if you buy Xblitz Speed C1 for your wife, child or yourself. Our product lets you input the size of your bike's wheels, so the measurement may be performed for bikes of any size and type! If you aren't sure how to set the counter correctly, just use the table located in user’s manual and input the proper values.


Uncertain weather or passion for off-road is no longer a problem with Xblitz Speed C1! IPX3 waterproof rating ensures protection from rain or splashing puddles. Our bicycle counter is resistant to splashed water coming from different directions at an angle of 60 degrees around the vertical axis.

Automatic start or how to configure Xblitz Speed C1

After mounting the bicycle computer and inputting the following data: wheel size, age and weight of the cyclist, the device will start to work automatically every time we start riding. The device stops working when we get off the bike. Every next route we take, the computer will start and stop operating automatically concerning all the previously inputted data.


Xblitz Speed C1 is a bicycle computer with 20 different functions ensuring full control over the traveled route. The most useful ones are:

-Service programme

-Current, average and maximum speed measurements

-Difference from the average speed measurement, increase / decrease of the current speed measurement

-Digital clock with the stopwatch measures the time of the ride

-Kilometer counter allows to verify the currently traveled distance

-Traveled distance counter – lets us check the overall distance we traveled

-Traveled route memory function – helps check the roads previously traveled

-Temperature sensor (Celsius or Fahrenheit)

-Burned fat and burned calories measurement function

-Automatic start / stop


Xblitz SPEED C1 bike computer

Functions: Service programme, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, difference from average speed measurement, increase/decrease of current speed measurement, time measurement (up to 9:59:59), digital clock, distance traveled measurement (0-999,99 km/m), kilometer counter, path traveled saving function, automatic scanning, temperature, switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit, highest/lowest temperature records, switching between distance units: km/m, stopwatch, burned calories/fat measurement, automatic start/stop
Temperature measurement: Yes, °C or °F
Time measurement: Yes, up to 9:59:59 hours
Battery: CR2032 (spare in set)
Waterproof: Yes, IPX3 rating
Dimensions: 65mm x 45mm x 28mm
Weight: 39g


Xblitz SPEED C1 bicycle computer

Bicycle computer x1, Sensor x1, Magnet x1, Anti-slip mat x2, clip bands x6, User's manual x1



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