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My home is my castle – and castles should have appropriate security measures. Modern technology in the form of IP cameras, also called Internet cameras, will help anyone who wants to ensure that their humble abode is properly protected. With the use of the Internet, you can watch over your apartment, office or garage anytime you want. All you need is a special app on your phone, tablet or computer.

IP cameras should be selected according to how we plan to use them. Do we need a device that will keep an eye indoors? In this case, we should choose a smaller, easy-to-hide camera that will not spoil the décor of the monitored rooms. Or maybe our digital eye will be exposed weather conditions, outdoors? In this case, choose a camera that will not be damaged by rain, snow and wind.

If the place you intend to install an IP camera in is not always properly illuminated, consider choosing a model that has additional lighting - for example, using infrared light LEDs. This light band is not visible to the human eye, so you can keep an eye on the room where the camera is, even when it’s pitch black inside.

When looking for a good IP camera, consider a camera that has a rotating head which can be used with a mobile app. This will let the device cover a larger area. If the place you observe should be free of any human or animal presence, install an IP camera that has motion detection – the device will send you a warning when it detects unexpected motion.

If you intend to use an IP camera to observe, for example, a child or an elderly person, and you want them to be able to communicate with you, look for a camera equipped with two-way voice communication. This way you'll be able to chat with the person you're caring for through the camera, even when you're not near them because you had to go shopping, for example.

IP / Wi-Fi cameras

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Xblitz IP300

Kamery IP wewnętrzne
Price PLN 139.00

Xblitz IP 300 wireless indoor IP camera with a 355° rotating head and Wi-Fi The Xblitz IP 300 camera is a perfect tool for home security. The device lets you view live footage on a phone app. Additionally,...


IP / Wi-Fi cameras
Price PLN 199.00

X BLITZ  HOME WI-FI CAMERA FULL HD Wi-Fi IP CAMERA…  Are you looking for an IP camera to watch over your house or flat?  X blitz Home Full HD   WiFi IP camera  has an app that allows you to see the...


IP / Wi-Fi cameras
Price PLN 169.00

X BLITZ  iSEE 2 CAMERA HD/P2P/WI-FI IP CAMERA…  Are you looking for an IP camera to watch over your flat? Here's a perfect solution for every house.   X blitz iSEE 2   WiFi IP camera can be controlled...