Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell

Wireless, battery-less doorbell, Xblitz Kinetic Vibe, works by transforming kinetic energy into electricity – letting you properly welcome (un)expected guests.

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Meet the Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell!

Xblitz Kinetik Vibe wireless doorbell requires no additional power supply. Thanks to a kinetic transmitter button, Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell doesn't require expensive batteries that quickly discharge. Just press the button once and, like in a dynamo, you will create the electricity necessary to power the device. This incredible technology ensures that every press of Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell will sound a pleasantly sounding chime!

Kinetics is not the only power behind Xblitz Kinetic Vibe. The real power of the wireless doorbell is its operating range, reaching up to 100 meters in open space or up to 50 meters indoors. Such range makes the doorbell useful, even if there is a long driveway between your front gate and your house. Additionally, you can pair one receiver with many transmitter buttons at the same time. Thanks to this technology, you don't need to install separate receivers for your gate, front door and side entrance. You need only one receiver for any amount of Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbells you install.

Simple to install and ready to use out of the box. Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell is surprisingly easy to use. Three buttons are all it takes to have full control over the device's settings: choosing one of 58 chime melodies, change the volume of the chime, pair the receiver with one or many transmitters.

Are you tired of the boring „ding-dong” that rings any time your guests reach your door?
Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell has 58 different chimes to choose from, from short melodies to classic sounds that will fit any interior.


Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell

Power supply: 220V / 230V, 50/60Hz
Range: up to 100m in open space, up to 50m indoors
Frequency: 433MHz
Volume: 60-80 dB
Klasa szczelności nadajnika: IP44
Receiver dimensions: 78mm x 86mm x 70mm
Button dimensions: 42mm x 66mm x 19mm
Weight: 176g


Xblitz Kinetic Vibe wireless doorbell


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