A speakerphone is a device that allows you to make calls without touching your telephone. These devices found their initial popularity in the corporate environment, as they were used for teleconferences. Today, they are an indispensable part of every car. With the hands-free kit in your car, you can talk to your loved ones, employees or customers safely. The kit does not distract you from the road, so you do not risk getting a fine or finding yourself in an accident caused by inattentiveness.

Speakerphones typically connect to mobile phones or other mobile devices using Bluetooth technology. This technology is constantly evolving and its new versions are being introduced to modern devices all the time. So make sure that the speakerphone you choose is compatible with the device you want to pair with!

How do I choose a speakerphone?

It all depends on how old your car is. In many new models, speakerphones are built into the vehicle, so no purchase is needed. In other cases, however, it is worthwhile to take the options available on the market into account.

Wireless speakerphones with a built-in rechargeable battery are a great choice for owners of cramped cars who do not want additional wiring in the cockpit. They are mounted near the driver, allowing easy access to its buttons. However, many new hands-free models have a voice control function, so you can reject or accept calls using the appropriate commands. A smart start is another interesting feature. Speakerphones with this feature turn on automatically when we enter the car, saving power from being needlessly wasted when we are outside the vehicle.

Speakerphones with an FM transmitter are also quite interesting. They are usually powered by a cigarette lighter socket, so they can be used in virtually any car or truck. The transmitter allows you to use the speakers of the radio set of your car – so you will always hear the other side of the conversation well. In addition, this kit can be used by to play your favourite music through the radio set of your car. Just turn on Spotify or Youtube on your phone and enjoy your favorite melodies. A real treat for people whose car radio doesn't even have a simple USB port.

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Hands-free sets
Price PLN 199.00

X BLITZ X1000 PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERPHONE SET…  Long battery life, excellent sound quality coming from two drivers with 3W of power each, fantastic design that fits any car...all of this powered...


Hands-free sets
Price PLN 129.00

WIRELESS BLUETOOTH SPEAKERPHONE – X BLITZ X600 PROFESSIONAL Bluetooth speakerphone made for cars – X blitz X600 Professional – Free your hands and enjoy talking to your friends and relatives, or listen to...


Hands-free sets
Price PLN 109.00

Xblitz  X 300 PROFESSIONAL Speakerphone with an FM transmitter…  The excellent, futuristic design is just the beginning. A promise of cutting-edge technology in your car.   X blitz X300 PRO speakerphone...


Hands-free sets
Price PLN 99.00

X BLITZ X600 LIGHT SPEAKERPHONE Drive and talk without any concerns with Xblitz X600 Light…  Try the professional  X blitz X600 Light  speakerphone! Fantastic sound quality, up to 700 hours in standby...


Price PLN 139.00

XBLITZ X700 PROFESSIONAL WIRELESS SPEAKERPHONE Xblitz X700 is everything you expect from a speakerphone set! Multipoint mode allows you to pair two devices to it at the same time. Easy volume control lets you set...