A dashboard camera is a small video recorder designed to monitor the situation on the road while driving.

How to choose a dashcam?

The most important thing when choosing a driving video recorder is its resolution and view angle. With high resolution, it will be easier to notice details such as license plate numbers. Currently, buying dashcams with a resolution lower than FULL HD does not make much sense. The best choice is dashboard cameras with 1080p recording. They provide great quality of recordings while maintaining a reasonable file size. This is particularly important when using microSD cards with less than 32GB of memory.

When it comes to the view angle, the bigger the better. The angle of view is responsible for how the path of your vehicle will be recorded. This is important when a traffic incident takes place on the opposite traffic lane. A reasonable angle is about 140 degrees, however, the best dashboard cameras have a view angle of up to 170 degrees, similar to the field of view of our own two eyes.

Dashcams with backup camera function are an another interesting option. The reversing camera, also called a rear view camera, allows you to record not only what is happening in front of the car, but also what is behind it. This is particularly important if another driver hits the rear of your vehicle. The reversing camera, as the name implies, is useful when reversing or parking. Dashboard cameras are an asset for every careful driver.

Additional dashcam features

The latest and most sophisticated dashboard cameras not only record video, but also have additional features that every driver will appreciate.

It’s not worth mentioning common things like G-sensor, parking mode, loop recording or auto-start, as these functions are the norm in new cameras. Currently, dashcams with a GPS function are very popular. They allow you to record the speed and position of your vehicle on a map when recording videos, Dashcams with Wi-Fi are just as interesting. Wireless communication lets you preview the dashboard camera’s recordings on your phone and control the device remotely using an app. The best driving recorders also have wide, clear displays with convenient touchscreens or touchpads and air ionizers. However, these features are rare and specific to certain models. Any fan of cameras will consider a dashcam recording in 4K resolution a treat. If you choose such a device, however, be warned that buying a memory card with a lot of space will be a necessity.

Dashboard cameras

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Xblitz Z3

Price PLN 149.00

Xblitz Z3 dashboard camera Miniature FULL HD dashcam that will provide a sense of security to any driver - Xblitz Z3. See for yourself!

Xblitz Z8 Night

Price PLN 229.00

DASH CAMERA FULL HD X BLITZ Z8 NIGHT Xblitz car camera with full HD driving recording, night mode and G-sensor function will effectively ensure your safety on the road.

Xblitz Go Ride

Dashboard cameras
Price PLN 299.00

XBLITZ GO RIDE DASHCAM FULL HD… Xblitz Go Ride is the latest version of a compact car video recorder recording in full HD quality. The recorder is equipped with a 170 ° recording lens, thanks to which the device...


Dashboard cameras
Price PLN 199.00

X BLITZ Z9 DASHCAM WITH A METAL BODY! The great design of the Xblitz Z9 car camera achieved thanks to the use of a streamlined housing made of polished metal will be the perfect decoration for any car. The...


Up to 50 Euro
Price PLN 139.00

XBLITZ Z4 DVR Good FULL HD DVR at an affordable price. The Xblitz Z4 camera gives you all functions at a reasonable price.

Kamera Xblitz Prism

Price PLN 199.00

REAR-VIEW MIRROR FULL HD DASHBOARD CAMERA - XBLITZ PRISM. A dashcam that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb and obscure the driver's view? Yes! Try out the Xblitz PRISM dashboard camera, shaped like a car's...

Xblitz S5 DUO DVR

Dashboard cameras
Price PLN 299.00

Xblitz S5 DUO dashcam with backup camera Xblitz S5 Duo is a professional DVR dashcam with a backup camera that will record every detail that happens on the road, both in front and behind your vehicle. In case of a...


Up to 75 Euro
Price PLN 249.00

X BLITZ MIRROR 2016 DASHBOARD CAMERA The Xblitz Mirror 2016 car camera is a functional and at the same time extremely useful camera with motion sensor and recorder, which will be perfect during travel. The...