A car mount is a cell phone holder, installed inside the car.

How to choose a good car mount?

At first, car mounts were simple instruments, mounted on the car's ventilation grille or built into the dashboard of the car. They weren’t especially popular before smartphones became ubiquitous – phone models significantly differed in size and weight. Moreover, there was no significant reason to have a phone at an arm’s reach – old mobile phones did not support Internet at a speed that would allow the use of helpful apps such as satellite navigation or traffic alerts.

Modern car mounts, however, do not hold the phone with the use of plastic wings, brought together by a simple screw or simply fit for a certain size of phone. Such a solution is simply uncomfortable and annoying whenever we want to put the phone in the mount or pull it out. Therefore, there are car mounts on the market that are easier to use and adapt to your phone's size or have an alternative method of keeping it in place with a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.

Magnetic grips are an example of the latter – by using a simple solution in the form of a combination of magnet and metal plate, these mounts can hold smartphones of all sizes. If you use a phone case, you can put the plate inside of it.

Gravity mount use the power of, well, gravity. Once you place a phone inside the mount, the pressure it puts on the bottom part of the device is what makes the holder wings close down on it. In other words, the weight of your phone is what keeps it in place. Thanks to this, the handling of the car mount is simple and can be done with one hand.

< p style = "text-align: justify; font-size: 11px; "> The last option that you should consider is a car holder that adjusts the wings using built-in, sophisticated electronics, such as a proximity sensor. As these devices need to be connected to a power supply, they often also have additional features, such as wireless charging or aesthetically pleasing, additional lights.

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Xblitz G100

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Price PLN 29.99

Magnetic car phone mount installed on air vent grille Tiny, convenient magnetic phone mount for your car.


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Price PLN 44.90

GRAVITY SMARTPHONE CAR HOLDER – X BLITZ  G455 The Xblitz gravity car holder for the ventilation grille is universal, it fits perfectly with any phone and will take care of the safety of your smartphone.