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Xblitz Z3

Price PLN 149.00

Xblitz Z3 dashboard camera Miniature FULL HD dashcam that will provide a sense of security to any driver - Xblitz Z3. See for yourself!

Xblitz S5 DUO DVR

Dashboard cameras
Price PLN 299.00

Xblitz S5 DUO dashcam with backup camera Xblitz S5 Duo is a professional DVR dashcam with a backup camera that will record every detail that happens on the road, both in front and behind your vehicle. In case of a...


Price PLN 119.00

PREMIERE Q1 2021 ELECTRONIC BREATHALYZER  X BLITZ UNLIMITED An electronic breathalyzer means certainty and accuracy of measurement guaranteed by the highest quality of components. One year of free...

Xblitz Aero

Pozostałe produkty
Price PLN 269.00

Xblitz Aero PRO multifunctional mobile fan Feel the nice, refreshing wind even on the hottest of days, thanks to the Xblitz Aero PRO multifunctional fan! This sophisticated fan is much more than a traditional way...


Price PLN 119.00

X BLITZ SPIRIT ELECTRONIC BREATHALYZER An electronic breathalyzer is made of state-of-the-art hardware, guarenteeing precise measurements. One year of free calibration and a set of accessories, allowing you to...


Dashboard cameras
Price PLN 199.00

X BLITZ Z9 DASHCAM WITH A METAL BODY! The great design of the Xblitz Z9 car camera achieved thanks to the use of a streamlined housing made of polished metal will be the perfect decoration for any car. The...