Doorbells are a basic piece of equipment for any home, but they are often placed at the front door or main gate. Thus, guests who approach your property from another side cannot announce their presence, which can be very awkward for both them and the host. However, installation of wiring for the doorbell outside of the house can be troublesome. Therefore, a wireless doorbell is the ideal choice for anyone that has more than one entry point to their property.

The wireless doorbell consists of two parts – transmitter and receiver. The transmitter of the device is nothing other than the button that you place next to the door or gate. The receiver is connected to the mains power source at your home, plugged into a power outlet. When the transmitter button is pressed, a ringtone is heard from the receiver. You can pick from any melody that is programmed into the device.

The wireless transmitter does not need any battery or other power source – the current needed to send the signal to the receiver is produced when the button is pressed. You don't have to worry that the transmitter will stop working due to being discharged. In addition, the device is resistant to water and other weather factors, so you can put it outdoors without fear.

One receiver can be paired with multiple transmitters – so you don't have to worry about the need to find another free socket in your home for every place you mount a doorbell at. In addition, if you dislike the monotonous "Ding-dong" ringtone, many receivers have built-in alternative melodies that will give your home a sense of unique charm.

Wireless doorbells

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