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Xblitz is a Polish brand, offering a wide range of high-quality electronic devices such as car dashcams (Driving video recorders), speakerphones, baby monitors and many others. By choosing our products, you choose not only the best quality, but you also support the Polish economy.

The Xblitz brand products are widely available both in a large number of online shops, as well as many nationwide and local retail chains. They can also be purchased on auction sites such as eBay. Thanks to this, Xblitz products are available throughout Poland and many other countries, both in large cities and in smaller towns.


We made our debut on the market in 2013, and since then we have been providing our customers with world-class products which use sophisticated electronic components. Our Xblitz P500 Professional dashcam with air ionizer was given the QI Quality International award in 2017, and the overall work of our company was awarded the Polish Company of the Year 2018 award. We are closely tracking the development of available technology to always deliver the latest solutions to our customers.

Despite being a Polish, Cracowian brand, Xblitz sells its products in stores around the world, including countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, the United Kingdom, Dubai and the United States. So you have the certainty that the devices we offer are at world level – if they weren't, how could they compete with other brands in these countries?


In cooperation with us, you get: direct contact with the consumer electronics manufacturer, marketing support (photos, presentations, videos, descriptions), sales support (discounts, promotions), fast fulfillment of orders and the highest possible level of service. We approach each distributor that cooperates with us individually, so we can tailor our help to the needs of your business.

If you sell or want to start selling dashcams, driving video recorders, IP cameras, Bluetooth headphones or earphones, aby monitors, smartwatches, wireless speakers, speakerphones, professional breathalyzers, doorbells or other consumer electronics that we offer, please contact us now.

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