Xblitz Spirit electronic breathalyzer


Xblitz Spirit is a small electronic breathalyzer, designed to impress. The machine was made out of excellent quality plastics and has a shiny front panel. A very clear display screen shows the number of performed tests, the time of the sensor warm-up, notifications and test results.


With the Xblitz Spirit electronic breathalyzer you don't have to worry about whether you are able to drive the day after some heavy partying. Just blow into the mouthpiece of the device to make sure if you can drive safely or if you should rather take the bus. Xblitz Spirit provides more reliable and more accurate measurements than free alcohol content calculators online.


For your comfort of use, a year of free calibrations is bundled with the device. To ensure the best measurement accuracy possible, Xblitz Alcontrol Mini should be calibrated once every 500 measurements taken, or every 6 months.


The Xblitz Spirit electronic breathalyzer is designed with your convenience in mind. The device is handy and easy to use. All you need to do to take a measurement is turn it on, wait for about 40 seconds and blow air into the mouthpiece of the device.


When you purchase the Xblitz Spirit electronic breathalyzer, you get not only the device but also a set of batteries, 5 mouthpieces and a manual. You can start using your device out of the box.