Xblitz became a brand; a largely identifiable quality and trust mark in our Clients’ eyes.

At the moment,  Xblitz products are being sold to the wide range chain shops and private salesmen. Their popularity is clearly visible among the online auctions in the both domestic and foreign platforms.

Xblitz provides certified, modern user’s electronics products. Characterized by high performance standard, dependable functioning and timeless design.

Our specialty are cam recorders, which are being choosed mostly by pricate companies and individual clients. Except for dash cameras, our offer obtains wide variety of sport cameras, electronic nannies, power banks and gas detectors.

Xblitz brand belongs to the group of advanced electronic products, which are being owned by KGK Trade company, present on the market since 2013.


Xblitz brand possessed prestigious Quality International certificate in 2017 in QI PRODUCT category – highest quality product for the Xblitz Professional P500 model.

Facts speak for themselves!

  • Our Clients

  • Xblitz means quality

  • Always suitable price!

Perfect equipment

in the perfect store!

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