KGK Trade provides limited guarantee for any Xblitz products. Every sold item is encompassed with components efficiency and correct accomplishment (with correct maintenance of the devices requirement included).

Guarantee period starts in the moment of purchase and lasts for 24 months.

Confirmation of the purchase date may be:

original invoice or receipt

If the product obtains a guarantee card inside the package, it is validate only with the date written in, the model kind of the device and the serial number.


Guarantee period lasts for 24 months from the first day of the date of purchase the product. Dependingly on laws in given countries, the guarantee conditions may differ.

Consumables such as: grips, cables, batteries, feeders, fuzes and any other materials are encompassed with 6 months guarantee.

Right to the guarantee repair or return of the product inheres only when the case is reported within the guarantee period.

Before reporting the complaint, the purchaser should:

  1. Make a backup of all relevant data and then remove (if necessary) confidential and private information from solid media (eg internal memory) and remove media containing such data (eg memory card). The service is not responsible for any damage or loss of any program or data left in the device sent for repair.
  2. Write the model name and serial number (if available) and describe the problem.
  3. Refer to the product user’s guide and troubleshoot the user documentation or the website.
  4. Before returning the product to the Service, it is recommended to reset the system to its default configuration. Also remove the optional accessories, external connections and self-installed handles, wires.


KGK TRADE reserves the right to refuse a complaint if it is in doubt. She also has the right to make the final decision to qualify the product as covered by the warranty. The limited warranty expires in the following cases:
accidental product damage (eg, fall, fire, flood, wind, seismic shock, atmospheric discharge, etc.)
damage or incompatibility of the product resulting from incorrect installation or failure to provide adequate conditions of use (including such conditions as unstable connection to any wired or wireless network, incorrect grounding, external electromagnetic fields, direct sunlight, high humidity, high temperature , excessive vibration, etc.)
mechanical damage (impact, fall, flood or immersion)
 damage resulting from unauthorized repair or dismantling, damage resulting from improper use, improper use
damage caused by third-party peripherals (including, but not limited to, visible damage to the motherboard or other electronic components such as electric shock, fuse, separation, etc.)
deterioration resulting from normal use (also covers enclosures, data carriers, manuals and batteries)
modification, deletion or failure to read the serial number of the product or warranty seal
cracks and scratches on the LCD display and plastics and other damage related to transport or use.
up to two (2) dead pixels on the display (according to the manufacturer’s regulations, this is not a warranty issue)
the LCD shows a picture that is displayed for a long time (more than one day) and the related brightness issues

•  In some vehicles the device may interfere with radio stations. This is not due to incorrect operation of the recorder, but the lack of adequate filtering of faults in the vehicle or its damage.


This warranty supersedes all other direct and implied warranties (including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose) and any other liability of KGK TRADE. The company does not take or authorize any entity to undertake any other obligations. This warranty is the exclusive right of the purchaser for defective or incompatible products, and KGK TRADE shall not be liable under any circumstances for replacement of the product, costs of any other product or service, loss of data, damage or loss of use of any product. associated equipment, or any other direct, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from any defect or non-compliance found on the KGK TRADE product.